This hybrid course is offering to maximum of 10 students each class with little Mandarin language experience. After the nine weeks beginner course, students will continue be introduced to Mandarin characters, word usage, sentence patterns and grammar.

  • Be able to ask questions and respond to questions about family, leisure activities, holidays, health, work etc.
  • Can understand basic phrases and familiar words provided that the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to give assistance.
  • Can get an idea of the content of simple informational material and short simple descriptions, especially if there is visual support.

Students will not only develop their ability to speak, read, write within the Mandarin language, but they will have an opportunity to learn beyond the text, enriching their understanding of Mandarin culture and customs.

  • The class is limited to maximum of 10 students.
  • Four three teacher-led in-person class meetings.
  • Four two-hour online meetings are totally real time (not asynchronous online video class) and highly interacts with our teachers.
  • Two hours every week self – paced online learning through Google Classroom.