Thank you for considering our program! Registering in the Jumping Up Mandarin Learning indicates that you agree to the Guidelines, so please read the following clauses closely.

1. Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy

Jumping Up Mandarin Learning is committed to providing a work and learning environment in which all people are treated with respect and dignity. All Center related individuals, including but not limited to JUMP Board Members, administration staffs, teachers, volunteers, and students, and other related personnel, are expected to participate in this effort to enforce the policy.

Please read or download a copy of the Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy here.

2. Privacy Policy

Your registration and enrollment information will be used only for the purpose of arranging the classes to you. Only when you consent to disclosing it or we are obligated by law to provide it to investigation authorities, will the said information be disclosed. The information will not be used for resale or trading with the third party.

All participants in our programs, activities, and/or events are subject to being photographed and/or video taped for possible publication within US and/or internationally. If you do not wish for you and/or your relatives to be photographed and/or video taped, please inform in writing at registration.

3. Copyright Policy

The Jumping Up Mandarin Learning only grants you the access to the teaching materials of the Jumping Up Mandarin Learning. Having the access does not entitle you to own the copyright or any intellectual property rights of the teaching materials or any contents you download from Jumping Up Mandarin Learning. Unless with the consent of the copyright owners of the contents, you are only allowed to use the content of the website within the permission of the law.

4. Ethics Policy

All students are enrolled in the Jumping Up Mandarin Learning classes based on their own wishes, and they all agree to follow rules on class attendance, leave of absence, and make-up classes. They are willing to take the full responsibility for the consequences caused by their failure of complying with the rules.

5. Student Work Policy

Students agree to provide multimedia contents recorded during the classes, such as video footage, sound recording, and assignment work materials to the Jumping Up Mandarin Learning for the uses of researches, promotion, and marketing free of charge.

6. Pre-class meeting Policy

At the beginning of each semester, we will provide a free pre-class meeting between students and teachers. The purpose of the initial free pre-class meeting is so that students and teachers can get to know each other. Teachers can also learn about the needs of the students, such as, the level of the student, the desired learning materials, what teaching methods students might prefer, the frequency and schedule of the class assignments can also be discussed.

7. Class Rules and Absence Policy

Please be on-time for all of the classes, both in-classroom and online sessions. Students should take full responsibility for being tardy. Class sessions will not be extended and no make-up classes will be offered. For online meets, students must prepare computers, microphones, and ear phones by themselves for the classes. The JUMP and the Jumping Up Mandarin Learning is not responsible for any technical problems.

If you need to stop attending classes for a certain period of time, please write to us to apply for a long leave of absence to reserve your registered with the Jumping Up Mandarin Learning status.

8. Natural Situation Policy

Under circumstances when it is necessary to shut down part or all of the Jumping Up Mandarin Learning service, the service will be shut down after the Jumping Up Mandarin Learning makes an announcement on the website. The Jumping Up Mandarin Learning is not responsible for the inconvenience or loss caused by the shutdown.

By registration, you agree to waive HEREBY RELEASE, INDEMNIFY, AND HOLD HARMLESS “the host”, its affiliates, volunteers, and agents, on behalf of yourself, your child(ren), heirs, assignees, administrators, and executors, any and ALL RIGHTS AND CLAIMS OR INJURIES to property and/or person which undersigned or participant may sustain or incur as a result of, use of, or participation in the activities, events, or property by the venue provider or on-line virtual space.

Any additions or modification to these service guidelines will be posted on the website. After announcement, you are abided by the modified guidelines. The Jumping Up Mandarin Learning will not notify each students of the changes individually. If you continue using the program in the Jumping Up Mandarin Learning after the modified guidelines are announced, you are seen as agreeing to the updated version of the service guidelines.

The interpretation or application of these service guidelines are pursuant to the law of the California.

In case of any disputes arising between the members/students of the Jumping Up Mandarin Learning concerning the Jumping Up Mandarin Learning service, the members/students agree to settle the disputes based on good faith. Should a lawsuit be brought up to resolve the dispute, both parties agree that Santa Clara District Court shall be the court of the first instance.