let's learn mandarin Book 1

For Beginner I, Beginner II, and Novice I Courses

  • Let’s Learn Mandarin is designed for the general population to learn Mandarin as a foreign language. The topics and settings aim to help adult beginners develop their communicative competence.
  • The text provide the language curriculum about the basic daily lives of adults with the focus on the practical and functional aspects. The goal is to enable learners to attain the skills to apply and operate the language.
  • The classification for words and syntaxes from “The Taiwan Benchmarks for the Mandarin Language (TBCL)” developed by National Academy for Educational Research is the basis for the content of Let’s Learn Mandarin.
  • A manageable quantity and sequential order of vocabulary, grammars, and dialogues are based on the learning environment and the ability of the adult learners.
  • Four language skills including listening, speaking, reading, and writing are developed with a balance. The task-based activities help enhance learner’s listening and speaking abilities.
  • The section of “Culture Notes” is engaged with the topics to give the learner a deeper look at Mandarin culture through language learning.

let's learn mandarin workbook

For Beginner I and Beginner II Courses

  • The workbook is full of various practice opportunities. Moreover, a focus on listening exercises help the absence of language environment for practicing listening and speaking overseas.
  • Each lesson includes three parts of listening exercises, such as differentiating tones, recognizing the characters/words, and sentences.
  • Reading comprehension includes text comprehension, word rearrangement and sentence comprehension.
  • Writing exercises include character writing and translating,